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March 15, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Fashion and Lifestyle: Women’s Networking Event to benefit the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance

A couple of years ago I received an email that changed my life forever. My beloved mentor and Fraternity sister Ms. Crystal Harris was severely ill and was undergoing emergency surgery the following morning. As I read the email that implored me to pray long and hard; fear casted its shadow in my mind and in my heart. Ms. Crystal Harris was a mentor that was only 10 years older than me.

How could she be so ill?

What was going on?

God would not allow such a wonderful person to suffer in such a horrific way?

  Ms. Crystal Harris had so much to share with the world!!!

What would we do without her? She was the mama of our chapter. She was the glue that insured we as a fraternity would always be together!

We later found out that our Ms. Harris was suffering from Ovarian Cancer. In my young mind I  could not imagine someone like me being impacted by Ovarian Cancer. “What is OVARIAN CANCER?” we repeatedly asked one another as the news ran like wild fire through our circle. We prayed and cleaved to hope that Ms. Harris would be ok; but alas we lost her on Super Bowl Sunday 2007. She was 36 years old.

Whenever I hear mention of ovaries and reproductive health I think of my mentor/fraternity sister/friend Ms. Crystal Harris. I urge women and girls to get their annuals. Anytime something don’t feel right; it’s not right. Be proactive about your health! Early Diagnosis can save your life!

I was excited with my Fraternity Sister Shivon Jackson of Growth Consulting Solutions LLC invited me to partner on a fabulous networking event to benefit the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. In this small way we are helping a wonderful cause and paying tribute to our Ms. Harris.

ovarian cancer alliance networking event hosted by Growth Consulting Solutions LLC and Pretty Girls Rock Dresses


This event is for Women Only!!!!

Growth Consulting Solutions LLC, Pretty Girls Rock Dress LLC, and Butterfly’s Beauty Artistry presents a networking event highlighting makeup tips and fashion for women from the office to a business casual. This event will also bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer. During the networking mixer, a speaker from the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance will speak and we will collect a donation for Ovarian Cancer research.

Event will have great music, styling activities, and beauty services. We will also host Speed Networking a fun way to make new contacts. We are networking for an AWESOME CAUSE!

There will also be hors d’oeuvres and an open wine bar!

If you are in the Atlanta area JOIN us for a night of Beauty, Fashion, and Networking. Get your ticket today!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

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March 14, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Wearing Dresses in INCLEMENT WEATHER?

Dresses in inclement weather

Pic: Vintage Valentino
Rain is no reason to stop a gal from rocking a dress

As many of you may know we are in the midst of our Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Dress Challenge. March is our kick-off month each year because it’s Women’s History Month and the first month of Spring. For many of our participants rocking a dress is really hard because of the cold weather. Being a Georgia Peach I can honestly say I am spoiled by our schizophrenic like weather (one day it’s snowing and the next day we are rocking sundresses with matching flip-flops). The first 2 weeks of our challenge has drawn a lot of attention from women and girls all over the country. We have girls rocking their dresses with both diversity and style. We have pretty layers, sweater dresses, tights, and even some combat boots. Check out some of our pretty girls below:

Pretty Fayenette rocking Steve Madden pumps with black tights to make this ensemble winter appropriate.

Pretty Artia of shows us the power of rocking a long skirt with knee high boots. This way you are warm and cozy. Don’t forget the pretty accessories!


Pretty Eboni of pairs her cute little dress with a cool jacket. This is my favorite way of wearing my dresses when the temperatures are cooler.

Pretty Kerrie of shows us the power of quality boots. A great way to weather proof your dresses is to rock proper footwear.

Brown Calvin Klein sweater dress with brown Stuart Weitzman boots

Pretty Wendy shows us the power in “investing” in winter appropriate dress wear. She rocks her brown Calvin Klein sweater dress with brown Stuart Weitzman boots with style.

As you can see our Pretty Girls are Rocking their Dresses in style and flair.

Pretty Girl Danielle Hubbard out of the DMV inspired this post after asking this question:

 “I challenged myself and wore a dress/skirt four days in a row but I opened my eyes to rain this morning in the DMV area and put on pants LOL (how do you convince yourself to put a skirt/dress on when its raining).”

When I saw her question I smiled and thought back to our first year rocking dresses. I woke up one morning and it was raining cats, dogs, horses, and birds. In my mind I thought “Sister, you are rocking slacks and a sweater forget that dress!”. But alas saving face and reflecting on my stylish grandmother I fought my way through the impulse to rock pants.

We received an awesome answer from Natalie Christiani CEO of Nat Models:

“Hey Danielle! Rain can’t stop this pretty girl from rocking a I always opt for boots on a rainy day. Trying pairing cute knee,ankle,or even thigh boots with a skirt or dress. Don’t forget to add a pop of color with opaque or textured tights. (It also depends on the temp outside as well) keep looking fab!”.

Natalie Christiani of shares tips on how to brave the inclement weather!

As you can see we are having a ball rocking our dresses in 2013.

Are you brave enough to rock a dress in the cold and in the rain?

Leave a comment or tip below!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 13, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Svedka Martini for Bond Girls & Sex in the City Girls a Great Date Deals VIP Production

I’m a nostalgic diva. I love looking at old movies and watching the girls use their feminine powers to get their way. They use their feminine wiles to create trouble and get out of trouble. In my head I picture the Bond Girl; I would have been that chick in my little short dresss.  I would create mayheim and then toast my Bond Guy as he indulged in his favorite strong martini.

I remember hearing a discussion on the radio a couple of years back about Sex and the City dumbing down the martini. That kinda pissed me off when I heard it because to me the martini was the ultimate girl power drink. I learned as I listened to Frank Ski (Atlanta disc jockey) the martini was originally a man’s man sort of drink. James Bond always had a martini in hand while he solved crimes and saved the day. Fast forward to the empowering 90’s Carrie Bradshaw and crew took the once manly man drink and turned it into a girl’s night out favorite. Gotta love the power of women we can turn anything pretty! Girl POWER!

Tomorrow night Great Date Deals VIP presents Svedka’s Shaken, Stirred, & Shared. Participants will learn how to create tasty martinis that any James Bond Girl would enjoy and pretty enough to grab the attention of the cool chicks from Sex in the City. As a girl of google I discovered Svedka’s Website and found an awesome martini recipe for my pretty kitchen chemists out there. ENJOY!


10 oz. SVEDKA Citron Vodka

svedka lost_in_space martini

3/4 oz Cointreau

3/4 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Grenadine

Mix all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake and double strain into a martini glass =

If you are in Atlanta and free tomorrow night check out Great Date Deals VIP presents Svedka’s Shaken, Stirred, & Shared. Do you have a favorite drink?

Share it in the comments below!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 12, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

The winner of our #bfabawards ticket giveaway: Alone in Atlanta

I am excited to announce our winner of the #BFABAWARDS Ticket:

Brittany M. Mason of Alone in Atlanta.

The B. Fab Awards represents everything I love: Blogging, Fashion, Beauty, ATLANTA! It would be awesome to see all the creative forces in Atlanta up close and personal and celebrate their uniqueness as well as be inspired by their contributions to the Atlanta scene. Plus being a blogger myself (Alone in Atlanta), it’ll be nice to rub elbows with other blogalicious people!

Thanks in advance for your consideration! xoxo ~Brittany M. Mason

Ladies & Gents who blog in Atlanta don’t delay get your ticket today!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

© 2013 Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, LLC All Rights Reserved.

March 11, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Relationship Advice from Outsiders inpsired by Porsha Stewart of #RHOA

Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart

Pic: Bossip

Last night I found myself sitting in front of the tv way past my bedtime catching the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I indulge in this guilty pleasure each Sunday evening with my Facebook friends. We all seem to chime in at the beginning of the show and chat in real-time about the antics and the anticipated ratchetness that is destined to follow the cast. It’s become a social event for many within my circle a smaller scaled version of our big Scandal watch parties.

Last night I watched Porsha Stewart attempt to the navigate the rough terrains set up by the cast of mean girls. It might be me but I feel that the girls use Porsha as a punching bag. A lot of hateration is going on in that cast. There’s constant discussion about Porsha choosing to be a stay at home wife. There’s shaking of the head at Porsha wasting her life by not following a career path. There’s continuous comparisons between the business women who had to make a way versus Porsha being “privileged” enough to stay at home. There’s always side way glances, slick comments, and straight up disrespect when Porsha chooses to voice her opinion.

On last night’s episode the cast of ladies (term used loosely) decided to band together to let Porsha know that she’s in a controlling marriage to former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart. As NeNe a recent divorced/dater of ex-husband began to give the newly married Porsha advice on setting boundaries with her “controlling” husband an alarm went off in my brain “WARNING, WARNING! Porsha step away from the comments. Cover your ears and better yet get out of the car!”. The gall of NeNe to give anyone advice; then the get along gang decides to give their pieces of advice on how they would handle their husband if they were Porsha. In my clueless voice “AS IF?”.  

Porsha Stewart getting relationship advice

Pic: The Old Black Church

As I watched Porsha try to  explain her reasoning for why she choose to do this/that/or the other; my mind flashed to:

Why is this happily married woman listening to advice from these women who can’t keep a decent man or if they have a man they not all that hot?

My mama taught me a long time ago to keep my business about my relationships to myself. Some things are off-limits for discussion and debate. I belive a married woman should not entertain marriage talk with outsiders. Particularly outsiders who don’t have her best interest at heart.  It’s best practices to keep your mouth; confide in a trusted family member or friend. As I watched the show and watched the blind attempt to give the sight some marriage advice; I silently thanked my mama for giving me that wisdom at a young age. Everybody should not have the privilege to speak into your life!

Kordell might be controlling; but Porsha is a big girl and I believe she can handle it. It always surprise me that the people who have the dirtiest of houses love to point out someone elses dirt.

Did you catch last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Do you agree of disagree with my mama’s logic about keeping your relationships to yourself?

Talk to me!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 10, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Dare 2 Aspire Spring 2013

3rd Dare 2 Aspire Spring Conference


“Dream Big & Execute” ~

I am ecstatic to blog about the 3rd Dare 2 Aspire Spring 2013 Conference.

DARE 2 ASPIRE is the premiere event for women entrepreneurs. As a blogger turned businesswoman I absolutely love meeting like-minded women. I love getting new information. I love having fun. These are the elements of DARE 2 ASPIRE!

This year DARE 2 ASPIRE is reaching out to the next generation of women entrepreneurs by hosting college age women. An inspiring day is what DARE 2 ASPIRE is all about!

Join us for our 3rd Conference at the Sheraton Suites Galleria-Atlanta on Saturday, March 23rd for women & Mom-preneurs!

~ Amazing Speakers
~ Awesome Giveaways
~ Complimentary Breakfast, Lunch & Parking.
~ Dynamic Workshops
~ Effective Networking
~ Great Door Prizes
~ Hot Vendors
~ Outstanding Sponsorship
Tickets are only $49.99 & well worth the investment.

Visit: to purchase yours TODAY!

To learn more about DARE 2 ASPIRE be sure to check out:
Twitter: @dare2aspire

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 9, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses “Dress” Challenge Week 1: Where’s Pretty?


As a kid we loved to look for Waldo; now we can look for PRETTY. Can you find your pretty picture in the PGRDresses Montage?

Week One of our dress challenge was a huge success. We have over 250 pictures of real women from all walks of life rocking their pretty dresses, skirts, high heels, and fly purses. We braved the cold weather. We braved the stilettos. We inspired the women and girls in our lives. We had fun being ultra girlie. Each week we will share some of our wonderful testimonials and highlight every pretty girl that rocked a dress/skirt.


Highlights of the Week 1:

Pretty Testimonials:

Bridget Smith

“I did really well last year so hopefully I’ll do better this year. Thanks for challenging me.” ~Bridget Smith

Ewa Elsa Victoria Jonsson

“I’ll be rocking dresses and skirts here in Sweden all spring and summer long! (in fact I am wearing a long black skirt today despite the weather being -10 degrees C and snow!)”. ~Ewa Elsa Victoria Jonsson

Keeana Peel-Fleurissaint

“I had a BLAST the first time I did this challenge! Now Feb. will be dedicated to dress/shoes shopping:).” ~Keeana Peel-Fleurissant

Sonja Wright Smith

Even with the snow flurries…I wore a skirt today!! Yeaaaaahhhh me!!:) ~Sonja Wright Smith

Nikka Shae

“I’m so ready for this challenge!!! I love rocking dresses!!!!” ~Nikka Shae

Jamecca Marshall

“It is so rare that I wear a dress. This will be a real challenge but I’m going to do my best. Thank you for this challenge!” ~Jamecca Marshall
Saeeda Wright
“It’s cold and raining in Portland. I gotta get some tights for these dresses till the sun comes out!!! Yay, pretty girls!” ~Saeeda Wright
 Patricia Kelly
“I just have to say EVERYONE is looking great in their dresses:-) Pretty Girls Rock Dresses with class and sexiness” ~Patricia Kelly
 Patrice Cunningham Washington

“What I love most about this group is seeing women supporting other women. These are the images that our young ladies should see. Not us tearing each other down and throwing drinks in one another. They should see us embracing our individual feminine power, while not being afraid to turn to another sista and sincerely say, “Girl, you DID that! You look amazing!”.

 I’m proud to be a Pretty Brown Girl that Rocks Dresses and sets an example for my little girl. xoxo” ~Patrice Cunningham Washington

Did you rock your dresses this week?

How do you feel?

Did you miss the mark? It’s not too late to join in the FUN!

Tell us all about it!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 8, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

Great Date Deals Top 6 Weekend Picks for #ATLANTA & #NYC

TGIF! Happy International Women’s Day!!!! The weekend is projected to be warm and full of sunshine. Check out our sunny our GREAT DATE DEALS’ Top 6 Picks for Atlanta & NYC.:


1.$15-Seven Games of Bowling with Rental Shoes, Popcorn, and Drinks for Two or Four at Paulding

great date deals bowling with rental shoes, popcorn, and drinks at Paulding Bowling Center

Get your bowl on with your boo or double date with a fun couple.

2.$20-3rd Annual Stems & Stilettos Winetasting Fundraiser

great date deals stems & stilettos benefitting Aniz, Inc.

3.$25-Atlanta Lock And Key Events Singles Party, Ages 24-49

great date deals atlanta lock and key events singles party, ages 24-49

Lock and Key Events are the fun and new interactive dating event for singles. A regular happy hour and mix in the ULTIMATE icebreaker.

  4.$30-LivingSocial’s Buckhead Beer and Wine Festival

great date deals Living Social Buckhead Beer and Wine Festival

Head to Chastain Park on March 23 to enjoy live music from ’80s tribute band Girlz Girlz Girlz and FIT Radio DJs. While the park is open to the public to enjoy the entertainment, those 21 and over who’d like to partake in the festivities should grab a ticket.

5.$34-Jazz Concert Tickets at The Velvet Note

great date deals jazz concert at velvet note

Slip on your favorite dress and get ready to snap your fingers to the beats offered at the Velvet Note.

6.$50-2 hour class at Zen and Now Clay Studio

great date deals 2 hour class at Zen and Now Clay Studio

Ready to try something new? Unleash your inner artist and learn to craft hand-built pottery. Right now, for just $50 you and your honey can enjoy a two-hour couples class at Zen and Now Clay Studio with wine and cheese served throughout the class.

Don’t Forget To Get Your Tickets to Our Fun Martini Mixology Event & Team Challenge, Tickets are selling fast!

great date deals Svedka Martini Mixology Event

Learn the tricks of the trade at our Martini Mixology Class that combines instruction, tasting, and lots of fun.

New York:

1.Check out Brooklyn Fire Proof East awesome events for March

great date deals nyc brooklyn fire proof east March 2013 Events

Come check out the improvements at BFP East Café and Gallery

2.$18-Treat Your Date to a Sultry Night of Tango, Wine and Romance

great date deals nyc night of tango, wine, and romance

Impress your date with an evening out that’s truly unique: a seductive Argentine tango lesson, followed by a dance party and an included glass of wine.

3.$20-2-Hour New York Art Tour

Great Date Deals New-York-Art-Tour

Embark on a two-hour New York Art Tour with Merrily Kerr. Held on select dates in February through June, each tour takes you through eight to ten of the most-talked-about exhibits in Chelsea

4.$23-Get Ready for Cinco de Mayo With iAdventure’s Guacamole Class

great date deals get ready for cinco de mayo with iAdventure's Guacamole Class

Dip, drinks, laughs is what the Guacamole Class is made of!

5.$39-Relax, Relate, Release Collection by ToyClosetNYC

great date deals nyc relax relate relase collection from toy closet nyc

The Toy Closet offers the latest in romance enhancement products for your every desire. Please explore our wide range of lotions, potions, lingerie, bedroom accessories, games, toys, and much more.

6.$40-Winter Cocktail War: One Ticket

great date deals nyc winter-cocktail-war

Learn how to make a great cocktail. You might win the COCKTAIL WAR!

Great News GreatDateDeals VIP is coming to a city near you, first stop GreatDateDeals VIP NYC

Have you recently benefited from a “great date deal”?? Send us a quick video or written testimonial of your experience and enter to win a date night on us.
Great Date Deal Testimonials
Until next weekend save money and have fun Atlanta!~Pretty Erika of Great Date Deals!
great date t-shirt

Saving Money is So Pretty!

Be sure to check out Great Date Deals Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Page,  and Twitter for more saving information!

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 7, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

A Little Girl Reflects on her Beauty: I’m Pretty Now!

I am a mentor for Everybody Wins! Atlanta a literacy program that partners executives with school age children around the city. I have worked with Everybody Wins for several years and it’s my favorite community service project. Each week I visit Bethune Elementary School and read with my mentee a bright-eyed busy tailed 5th grader. We became fast friends as we read Princess Tiana’s sequel and chat about how we wished we could ditch school/work and eat beignets. She’s dramatic like me. She’s silly like me. She’s an absolute doll just like me. Her personality is so contagious she brightens the room and she’s a favorite with teachers and students alike.

Each week she greets me with a bright smile and quickly catch me up on the happenings of her 11-year-old life. I smile and encourage her to focus on our book (Adventures of the Wimpy Kid) so we can fit in at least one more book before the school year is done. Today my little girl looked a little different. She had an extra skip in her step as she tossed her hair for me to see. I said “Hey girl you look extra pretty today!!“. She proudly told me she now had a relaxer and that’s why she looked extra good!!!! As I watched her flip her hair as we read our book; I could not help but reflect on my own hair journey laced with traces of hot combs, relaxers, jheri curls, wave nouveau, breakage, tears, relaxers, breakage, more tears, curling irons, burnt hair, halle berry hair cuts, burnt hair, heart-ache, LHCF, education, prettiness, transitions, heart ache, weave, and now happily NATURAL! As you can see my hair journey has been one heck of a trip!

Little girls feeling pretty after relaxersWhile we settled into our book she would stop and excitedly tell me tidbits about her week. Her mama finally gave in and got her the relaxer. My mind flashed back to my own requests for a relaxer as a child. I would tell my mama and whoever would listen “All the pretty girls have perms; you have a perm. I should have a perm too!“.  She excitedly told me that she is looking forward to wash day now; no more painful days. She told me how she now styles her hair with a bevel iron and that she loves her new hair. I smiled and told her to take good care of her “big girl hair!!!“. I quickly gave her some facts about heat being bad and rollers being good!!!! What can I say a pretty girl has to share her pretty tips:).

As I drove back to work I could not help but think about how my mentee is a lot like me and a lot of girls both big and small. We feel that everybody’s beauty is better than our own.

I can’t wait until we have a world where little girls don’t feel the need to alter their appearance to feel pretty.

I can’t wait until we have a world where big girls don’t feel the need to alter their appearance to feel pretty.

We are enough the way GOD made us.

I talk to myself as I think of my pretty little mentee who was pretty before the relaxer and after the relaxer.

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

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March 5, 2013 / Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™

B. Fab: The 2013 Bloggers in Fashion + Beauty Awards Brunch #bfabawards

 Tiffini Gatlin editor-in-chief of Tastemaker Magazine


an afternoon of Fashion, Social Media, and Influence at the

2013 Bloggers in Fashion + Beauty Awards Brunch known as B.FAB!

B. Fab: The 2013 Bloggers in Fashion + Beauty Awards Brunch

Get your tickets today!

B.FAB is an innovative opportunity to celebrate an élite group of social media influencers, specifically in the industries of Fashion and Beauty during an annual award ceremony called B. FAB Awards.

Bloggers in Fashion and Beauty Awards will bring together key influencers and thought leaders from around Atlanta to celebrate their impact on consumer purchasing habits, network and be inspired to take their blogs to the next level of success. Each year the B. FAB Awards will be a highly anticipated celebration no one will want to miss!

B. Fab: The 2013 Bloggers in Fashion + Beauty Awards Brunch

B. Fab promises to be an afternoon of networking, fun, and fashion. People always ask me the following questions:

“How do you get invited to all of those hot EVENTS Dea?”

“How do you seem to know the Who’s Who of Atlanta?”

“How can I get on the guest list of the most fashionable events in Atlanta?”

I smile and say “You know I am an Atlanta Tastemaker!”. I make a point to network with the Fashionable. I make a point to meet and connect with the Key Influencers and Thought Leaders around the City of Atlanta. I am community driven and I love giving back. I am the essence of an Atlanta Tastemaker! If this intrigues you I urge you to purchase your  ticket to the B. FAB today!

Still need some more reasons why you need a B.FAB ticket? Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want to network with the hottest of Atlanta?
  2. Do you have a service that can help the Tastemakers?
  3. Do you have a product that can change the lives of the Tastemakers?
  4. Do you just want to be on the scene?

If you answer YES to any of the above; I urge you to come out to the B. Fab Fashion and Beauty Awards Brunch on Sunday, March 24, 2013.

Tiffini was kind enough to give me a ticket to giveaway.

Leave a comment below telling us why you should win PGRDresses’ ticket to B. Fab Fashion and Beauty Awards Brunch or Tweet us why you deserve PGRDresses’ ticket to B. Fab Fashion and Beauty Awards Brunch with: #bfabawards

We will choose our winner on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at noon.


Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

“There’s POWER in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto.” ~PGRDresses.®

© 2013 Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, LLC All Rights Reserved.


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